There’s been a unanimous rejection by Canary Islands society of AENA’s increase in airport charges.

The business and social sectors of the Canary Islands have unanimously rejected the 4.1% increase in airport taxes recently announced by AENA.

President of The Island Council of Tenerife, Rosa Dávila, stated that implementing this hike would come at the expense of the sector’s competitiveness and the region’s status as a tourist destination, as AENA, she pointed out, has already doubled its profits in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022, reaching 607 million euros from 277 million euros.

The Island Councils, business community, and political parties also expressed their concerns over the surge in prices, referring to it as a “cold shower” for both tourism and the overall economy of the Canary Islands. They are issuing warnings that ticket prices may see an increase as a result.