Considering how many of us listen to the radio on a daily basis, the cost of radio advertising is surprisingly low and super cost efficient.

Many of us listen to local radio for local news and information, and we listen to it a lot: we wake up with a clock radio; it’s playing in the background as we get ready for work; it’s on in the car on the way to and from work. Many of us even have the radio playing as we drift off to sleep.

How often have you found a particularly catchy radio jingle is bouncing around in your head all day? We’re willing to bet it happens fairly often.

It’s highly likely in fact that many of us listen to much more radio than we watch TV or read newspapers – so radio advertising can be very effective.

With packages starting from as little as €50 per week, we can provide either super targeted radio advertising to a specific area of the Canaries or reach the islands as a whole on both FM & DAB digital radio.

Man Holding Notes And Reading out advertising talking Into Studio Microphone

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